No es por ser cansino, pero a partir de ahora postearé en inglés... (es broma)

"Escuece, eh, Joan? Escuece, eh, cabrón!"
The Burns body's dream

Tonight i dreamed a strange thing, a bad dream.Yesterday i was in madrid with my friend Alejandro, in a bus station, reading the comics that he bought in Madrid Comics, a great shop in capital city. I review Big Baby, the best not-humouristic-american-comic ever readed, drawed by C. Burns. That comic it's not very expensive. buy it! (es la polla) and contains a great story called Blood club, a story that i love too much 'cause happens in a strange forest in the middle of a lake, and all my summer I go to my mother's town in Catalonia, that has a REAL LAKE WITH A REAL LITTLE FOREST IN THE MIDDLE of it.Tonight i dreamed that i were with Alejandro in his motorbike, going very fast in Barcelona, like in the reality. Suddenly, a dark strange woman body, maybe a living corpse, jumped to me and very press strong to me, in my bed. I was very scared, and she, with a man voice, whispered in spanish, into my ear: "That stings, hey, Joan? That stings, you motherfucker!"I get up and i was thinking about my dream. I think that this oneiric fact happened because in Burns comics, the sex and the travels are very bad thinks. Also, i stayed in Madrid without the permission of my parents, that i think are represented in the strange monster.


the end